What applies to the smooth operation of your machines also applies to the development of your power supply: Only if every work step is right from start to finish, the result will be right. Our process guarantees that.

Beratung Consulting

Together we find out what you need and what your power supply has to do.

Icon Zahnrad mit Haekchen Feasibility analysis

After electrical and mechanical analysis of our conception by means of simulation and 3D modeling of the main components, it is clear: The power supply "is possible" or "is not possible".

Microcontroller Design and programming

We create the concrete electrical and mechanical design of your power supply.

Accompanying this we often program microcontrollers, which on the one hand take over the regulation and control on the board and on the other hand ensure the communication to your bus system.

GP Prototyp

Stethoskop Production of prototypes

We create the PCB layout ourselves, as our developers and our trained personnel work closely together. We also design and manufacture the winding goods ourselves. We build the first prototypes, test them and make them available to you.


Klemmmappe mit Haeckchen, Qualifikation und Zulassung Product qualification and preparation for safety approval

We continuously work on EMC optimization (electromagnetic compatibility) until the last dB is tickled out.

On request, we also compile all the necessary documents for the safety approval (EN, UL, CSA, IEC) of the product and accompany the certification.

GP Prototyp

Fabrik Series production

We accompany the series production and its tests at our cooperation partners. Testing and final assembly are carried out in-house or at the assembler's with an automated test system.

Schraubenzieher und Loetkolben Repairs

We calibrate, repair and maintain our own products as well as power supplies from external companies. Regardless of whether there is external fault or signs of wear due to the extremely long operating times.

Sanduhr Long availability

Discontinued components? We schedule important second-source parts early in the process to ensure many years of trouble-free production.